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Adrian von Bidder 01-06-2010 11:07 AM

ssh configuration: ssh / sftp

Is there a magic combination of sshd_config features that allows:
* sftp (password authentication) for most users.

* key only regular ssh sessions for some few users

* forced-command key based auth sessions for most/all users (this is how NX
works: it sets up a key in authrorized_keys with command=nxsession or

The problem I'm struggling with is that settings the user's shell to sftp-
server generally will make NX fail since it executes certain commands via

So I'd need a solution inside ssh: if a password is used, force sftp, if
authentication was via the key, allow regular login with the forced command
with the shell set to something /bin/sh-ish. Is this at all possible?

-- vbi

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