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Augustin 11-22-2007 10:46 AM

Fwd: Hardware howto - do you need a (very) little help?
FYI: a letter I just sent to Steve, the official maintainer of the
hardware compatibility howto.

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Subject: Hardware howto - do you need a (very) little help?
Date: Thursday 22 November 2007 19:44
From: Augustin
To: steve , maintainer of howto


The Debian GNU/Linux Installation Guide
makes numerous references to the Linux Hardware Compatibility HOWTO

I wanted to buy a new computer and inquired on debian-user about
mainboard compatibility. Also, I noted that I wanted to contribute
the information I got back to somewhere useful.
See my message here (especially the last but one paragraph):
About the hardware, I got the answers I needed:

Anyhow, I was reading the Debian Installation Guide, which led me to
your howto. I read section 1.5~1.7 of the HOWTO.
Is this note very recent? I.e. in November 2007 are you still
actively maintaining the howto?
If so, can you send me the raw docbook package. I might propose a
patch against the sections I have been inquiring about (mother board
and chipset support).

I think that HOWTOs are not adapted to the 21st century web :)
This particular howto should include information that is too dynamic
for a single person to keep up to date.
I think the HOWTO should be a wiki that users could update more
easily. Thus there would me much more contributors.

I will consult with debian-user and yourself about how to upgrade the
relevant section.


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