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Paul E Condon 11-21-2009 03:56 PM

Printing problem, lenny, xfce, galeon, gnome, xprint
I'm having difficulty getting Galeon to print web pages. (I can print
from Iceweasel and Emacs, so this can't be something grossly stupid like
failure to start CUPS.) I am running Lenny with the 'alternative'
windowing/desktop environment Xfce4, which was installed by using
netinstall CD.

Galeon complained that environment variable XPSERVERLIST contains no
print servers, and it appeared in my simple investigation that this
variable was undefined. I found a print-setup link in the xfce
settings menu and set it to CUPS, and I have installed the package
xprint, but still have a problem. Galeon still gives the same error
message, but now there is an XPSERVERLIST variable and it contains the
string ':64 ' This doesn't look like a print server selection to me,
so I suppose I have some configuration to do, but where? (Remember
printing is working for Iceweasel and Emacs, both running in the
windowing/desktop environment.) I could try typing in may own definition
of XPSERVERLIST, but I can't find documentation of the precise format
of a server selection line.

I think something should have been set up automagically by one of
the packages that I have installed, but which one should be responsible?
Many gnome packages were automatically installed when I installed
Galeon, but I am not running Gnome and don't see a way to access
the Gnome configuration system. (also I don't really want to run

Suggestions, please.
Paul E Condon

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