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Nate Bargmann 11-19-2009 12:09 AM

Annoying Iceweasel (Firefox) urlbar selection
Once upon a time, Iceweasel would not automatically copy the text in
the URL bar when it was clicked (I've always set the
browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll option to true) to the X clipboard. For
sometime this has not been the case and with my configuration and
instead Iceweasel helpfully copies the URL bar text to the X clipboard
(it can be seen in Klipper) once clicked.

I wonder how I can get the old behabior back where copying the text in
the URL bar to the X clipboard required selecting it manually with the
mouse in classic X style or typing Ctl-C to copy it once selected. The
current behavior doesn't preserve the X clipboard so other text can be
copied over the "one click" selected text.

- Nate >>


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