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Jiří Paleček 11-14-2009 10:19 PM

Can't build from a CD-RW made by dfsbuild

I use dfsbuild to create live ISO images I sometimes boot from to test
some things. Recently, I ran into problems with the generated ISOs.

I use a CD-RW disc to boot from. The problem is, that the computer doesn't
boot from the CD - it stops after disc drive detection, the CD starts
spinning slowly and that's it. I have to turn the computer off. What's
interesting about it, is that the disc seems to be erased after this.

Could you help me finding the cause? I'd quite like a CD that would boot
rather than erase itself when booted from...

I suspect this is caused by some of the packages installed on the CD,
because when I remove all the optional packages, the CD does boot. I can
post the list of the installed packages (or even the whole ISO) if

I have eliminated the kernel from the suspects, because I use the same
kernel as on a previous version of the ISO that booted; also, the
behaviour is the same with a newer kernel.

The ISO boots fine in QEmu.

I've tried different media and all do the same.

Jiri Palecek

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