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Mathias Brodala 11-18-2007 02:53 PM

[OT?] Replying to posts in debian-user

Raj Kiran Grandhi, 18.11.2007 15:45:
> Sven Joachim wrote:
>> There is one tip I have for you: use a mailer that has better support
>> for mailing lists than your current one, e.g. KMail. Mutt and Gnus
>> are even better, but they are difficult to set up. If you want to
>> stick to Thunderbird/Icedove, there is a "ReplyToList" extension at
>> but it does not seem to work with Thunderbird/Icedove 2, see
> I have tried that extension, but as you have pointed out, it doesn't
> work with the version of icedove I am using. The bug report page says
> that a patch has been applied to the source. So probably it will appear
> in sid in a few days. I shall retry then.

Even after applying the patch the extension won’t work yet. The upstream author
is aware of this problem and working on it.

Regards, Mathias


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