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Paul E Condon 02-18-2009 04:45 PM

gnome-terminal gnome-desktop management question
I use the gnome desktop, mainly to keep open multiple window-screens
of gnome-terminal. I use switcher to keep these gnome-terminal screens
on five to seven whole-screens. Lately there has developed a problem
somewhere in gnome that causes the sudden disappearance of all my
gnome-terminal screens when I edit the colors in the gnome-terminal
profile. (When I click on 'Save', ALL the gnome-terminal windows
close, all together.) It is tedious to reconstruct my work
environment, so I'm looking for help.

My environment does get reconstructed when I reboot, so I know that
the system saves the right information. I see some information in
System->Preferences->Sessions->Session Options that indicates is done
during logging out. So I think that a crash of a piece of gnome does
not touch the configuration that was recorded during the last

When the crash happens, I think I might be able to change the System
Preferences to NOT automatically remember, then logout, then login,
and get back my setup. This is complicated to do.

Is there a button that I could click to get the desktop rebuilt
without the logout-login sequence? Where?

(PS Colors matter a lot to me, because the bulk of Debian package
management gui software has color choices that make the screen
unreadable to me. Particularly the reverse video highlighting
makes the text on the highlighted line invisible to me. )

Paul E Condon

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