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"Chris Thompson" 02-06-2009 08:42 AM

Solid DSL gateway for server environment
Hi all.
I run two mail and web servers from my house on a DSL line. Until a few
weeks ago I was on cable but a new ISP launched some good SME offers and I
decided to make the switch.

Both the servers sustain quite some traffic and (especially the mail) need
to open many more connections that a mid-level router can handle.
After reading some reviews, I decided to purchase a linksys AM200 DSL
gateway and configure it to run in half-bridge mode (so that all the
public IPs are mapped directly on the servers' network interfaces).
Unfortunately, even with the newest firmware, the linksys modem keeps
crashing when under load.

I am now in the process of selecting a new modem-only device to connect to
the DSL and I thought about the DrayTek Vigor 100/110
My questions are:

1) Does anyone have direct experience with this product in a server
2) I understand that the Vigor only takes care of handling the ATM layer
stuff, so I will need to run the PPPoE daemon on the server. Will that
affect the connection's performance?
2b) I have no experience whatsoever of ppp configuration on Debian, can
you point me toward a good guide/reference?
3) Is there any other DSL hardware would you recommend that would
guarantee connection stability?



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