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"A. F. Cano" 12-05-2008 03:44 AM

Card works, but still no connection - Problem solved!
On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 09:37:10PM -0500, I wrote:
> ...
> Actually the setup is exactly the same as I had for the previous
> ethernet card, an old ISA SMC that has been working fine for
> years. The only thing I've done is replace eth0 with eth4 since the
> ...

And now, a couple more things I tried: First, I did an upgreade to
lenny, to have all the software up to date, then recompiled the
2.6.26 kernel with the newer gcc.

Still the RTL8139D card didn't connect. However, with the new lenny
software, the card was seen as eth0.

Trying to take care of all the variables one by one, I replaced the
Linksys "8-port Workgroup hub" with a Netgear "router/gateway RP-614"
The former had the interface set up as 10Mb/s half duplex, the latter
is a 100Mb/s unit, full duplex. Problem solved! The packets now go
through. So it looks like the driver (or more unlikely, the card)
has a problem with 10Mb/s, half duplex. I'll file a bug report.


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