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David Brodbeck 12-13-2007 08:21 PM

exim - config & timing of the queue - a few Q's :)
On Dec 13, 2007, at 12:50 PM, Bob Goldberg wrote:
Apparently, the que is not used for "local" delivery, and is only
used to send Email on to its final destination.
So, in my application, I expect that ALL deliverable Email is
placed in the que.

I read that there is immediate email delivery, and that some Email
is "queued", and delivered when the que processes it.
1) Is any mail sent to the que delivered "immediately"? If not,
then all email is then dependent on que timing - yes?

My experience is that when a message is to be delivered remotely,
Exim will attempt to immediately deliver it, then place it in the
queue if it can't do so. There are some exceptions; for example, if
a previous delivery to the same server failed, Exim won't try any
messages until the retry timeout has expired, so those messages will
stay in the queue for a while.

2) does stuff leave the que ONLY when "it is 'run' "? if yes,
then by default, email will only leave the que every 30 minutes
[minimum] (QUEUEINTERVAL='30m' is the installed setting)
So If this is correct, then I, personally, want Email leaving
'immediately'. So is there any reason I should NOT set
queueinterval=1m ??

As I said, if the server is up email will be sent immediately. If it
gets queued due to a failure, though, it will sit in the queue until
the next queue run.

Setting the queue run to 1 minute might be OK if you don't expect the
queue to ever get very long. If your mail server goes down and you
end up with a large queue, though, then running it every minute may
start to use a lot of system resources.

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