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Paul E Condon 10-31-2008 07:38 PM

help w/ apt-proxy setup needed
I have several debian boxes on my home LAN. As part of my transition
from etch to lenny, I want to install apt-proxy in the box I call
'cmn', which is currently running etch. The box called 'big' is my
first box running lenny. I have installed apt-proxy on cmn, and, added
the a nearby debian mirror to apt-proxy's backend lists. I have
run apt-get update on cmn and gotten the master apt files installed in
apt-proxy. The messages showed that apt-proxy was initialized for
etch, as I expected. But when I ran apt-proxy-import, I get a long
list of error messages and nothing from etch is actually imported into
apt-prosy's local repository.

apt-get update did populate the apt-proxy cache with source and
package list files, from both cmn and big. And when I did aptitude
install apt-move, apt-move was cached in the apt-proxy cache, so I
think my modifications to apt-proxy-v2.comf are likely correct, but
what is wrong with apt-proxy-import? I can't import from either
the apt/archieve or the apt-move local repository.

Also, apt-proxy-import is packaged inside the apt-proxy .deb.
This is fine for cmn (running etch). But do I have to install
apt-proxy on big (running lenny) just to get apt-proxy-import
on big? If I get apt-proxy-import working on cmn, the next
step I would want to do is run apt-proxy-import on big (?) to
capture the pacakage from big's apt/archieve. Or how should I
do a cross-host import of installed packages?

I can cache NEW .deb pacakges in the apt-proxy from lenny by
installing the package on big, but why can't I populate my
new cache with packages that I have already downloaded?

Paul E Condon

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