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Augustin 10-07-2008 01:42 PM

Konqueror, mplayer and embedded mp3

I am trying to set up Konqueror so that it uses mplayer (or kmplayer)
for embedded mp3's.
By default, it is not mplayer. The default (kaboodle??) crashes easily
and doesn't seem to be able to play all mp3s.
Another user on the same machine is set up to use mplayer, and it
works well.

But I've tried everything and been searching the web for a long time,
and I still cannot configure Konqueror properly.

I go to:
Settings > Configure Konqueror > File Associations > audio > x-mp3 >
Application Preference Order has Mplayer Movie Player listed first.
In the 'Embedding' tab, I only have 'Netscape plugin viewer'
(clicking 'Add', I don't know what to add that would be more

When viewing the web page, I have:
"Unable to load Netscape plugin for ...file.mp3."
I must have everything properly installed, because another user on the
same installation has no problem like this.


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