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Lubos Vrbka 07-30-2008 05:11 PM

video output problem with xorg intel and etch
hi guys,

i am experiencing a 'funny' thing with the new etch intel xorg driver
(the i810 works without problems when 915resolution is used). the
machine i am using is a notebook with internal lcd and external lcd
connected via dvi.

the computer is set up so, that the external monitor is the first thing
tried by the bios - when it is not connected, then internal display is
used. i never use both outputs at the same time.

with i810, x stays on the display that was active at the moment when x
was started and correct (maximum allowed) resolution is used. with the
intel driver, both outputs are activated (no matter which one was active
before starting x) and a funny resolution issue is present. they cannot
be switched off by the fn-magic any more.

the displays are
internal 1280x800
external 1280x1024

with intel driver, i get the internal display running at 1280x800, but
the desktop size is 1280x1024 (i.e., virtual desktop is larger than the
physical one) - the windowmanager then scrolls when i go 'over the
border'. the external display, on the contrary, runs at lower resolution
then desired (probably also 1280x800 - i am not sure about the exact
resolution at the moment, and cannot test it), but the virtual desktop
feature doesn't work here.

why does the system behave in this way? i'd be happy with the old
behavior (run the x at the display that was active when x was started).
this might probably have to do something with the randr support in the
driver (which however doesn't work with etch due to old version of the
underlying stuff - libraries, xrandr, ... - as discussed in another thread)

i would be grateful for any information on this. till this issue is
solved, i'll probably stay with i810.


Lubos _@_"

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