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Nate Bargmann 07-30-2008 12:15 PM

Accent chars instead of VGA graphics from Ubuntu system (terminal via ssh)
Yeah, the subject is too short. I posted the following on the Ubuntu
forums with no reply so I thought I'd try our group.

Having just installed Mythbuntu 8.04.1 onto a recently procured
computer, I'm doing tasks via ssh. I have several Debian Sid boxes and
I've not run into this issue until I began using the Mythbuntu box.

What I see are VGA style graphics characters replaced by accented
alphabet letters. Here is a snapshot of Midnight Commander:

Ordinarily it appears as this on the rest of my machines:

While I'm inclined to think it's a terminal issue, I suppose it could
be something else such as locale? Also, it's not just Midnight
Commander as I saw the same thing with Aptitude.

For the record I get the same strange characters when logging into the
Mythbuntu box remotely from a Linux console on my Debian desktop

- Nate >>


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