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"ComposTumbler Tips and Offers" 05-02-2008 02:43 PM

Pre-Summer Savings from ComposTumbler
Choose a Garden Helper product as your FREE GIFT (you pay nothing, not even shipping and handling) when you try a ComposTumbler before July 15, 2008. Choose from:

Compost Tub

Compost Thermometer

Catch-All Tarp

Hand Tools

Compost Sifter Screen

Compost Activator

Compost can rescue your soil

A steady diet of compost adds a concentrated layer of nutrients and organic matter back into your soil. You'll see the difference after only a few applications. Compacted soil becomes darker and more crumbly. Sandy soil becomes thicker and more compact. Even soil that appears to have a good consistency still needs compost to keep it balanced and to add the right nutrients.

ComposTumbler * / * 1834 Freedom Rd. * / * Lancaster, PA 17601

800.880.2345 * / * Fax: 800.822.5829 * / * * / *

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