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Michael 02-08-2013 12:21 AM

shutdown from xfce desktop ?
The last few times i installed via Debian netinstall, choosing xfce Desktop, i ended up with a desktop that requires the user to type in the root password to shutdown the machine. It's essentially the same when trying to shutdown from the login-manager (lightdm or gdm3).

I know the reason why a shutdown is prevented on a multiuser terminal server, but i think it's justified to expect a user to be able to shutdown just with one click on a single desktop machine ?

Maybe it's my fault, and i wiped out some essential package later (doing kind of cleanup) so i wanted to ask these 2 things:

(1) anyway who's managing the log out /shut down thing normally (at the backend level) ?

(2) Is there a way to configure this from within the desktop session (like, some system-settings module) ?

I could not find anything so far, but as i said, maybe it's just not installed right now.

This happened to me 2 years ago, and with three different machines with an install image (netinstall 'testing') from January.

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