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Pranav 06-20-2012 08:26 PM

Which models of ASUS or ACER laptops are compatible with Debian 6?
Hello everybody,

I want to buy an ASUS or ACER laptop to run Debian 6(or Ubuntu) on it.

I am not into gaming and neither work with multimedia applications. I
just want the X system(graphical desktop) to work well.

Because I work online, I want the LAN card and sound card to work 'out
of box' or without much tweaking( I am not a linux expert).

1) *** Can anybody please suggest specific models of ASUS or ACER
laptops to buy(which fit in the above mentioned criteria)? ***

2) *** Please also tell me, as to what happens, if we are not able to
find the required driver in Debian/Ubuntu Linux for the graphics card?
Will just 3D acceleration not work or will the system lose all its
graphical processing capabilities including processing of the X
system(graphical desktop)? ***

3) *** Is any of the following two cards supported under Debian 6 /
Ubuntu linux? ***
a) Intel HD 3000
b) NV GT 610M 2G DDR3 VRAM
Are Nvidia cards better supported in Debian linux or Intel
graphics cards?

Thanking you,

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