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Bug#684666: #684666 and #683807
[i re-send it here, since the other related bug is marked as archived ]

i did some test with other distros (slackware/fedora) and the corruption
problem seems to persist.
Yesterday i was coming back to debian , dumping a dd backup image from an
external WD hard disk, using a fedora usb-live, this way:

dc3dd if=./debian-backup-image of=/dev/sda1 hash=sha256

the partition image is ~2gB and before the end of the copy the system crashed.
(sda1 is on the new SSD disk i bought ~ on May)

so i rebooted fedora and i launched the command again , using a sequence of
Ctrl-Z, 'sync', and 'fg' , each 500mB.
the copy was successful this time.
So i think the problem could be the new ram (8gB) i bought together with the
SSD disk.

So i replaced the hard disk and the ram with the old ones. (normal hd + 4gB
ram. It's the original set of this notebook ).

i rebooted fedora live-usb and i repeated the operation using as destination
the sda1 partition of the original disk. It went ok with no problem, it copied
2gB in a time, without crashing.

Now i'm trying debian wheezy on this non-SSD hard disk, with bumblebee enabled
for a week (hoping it doesnt crash this time). After that , i'll dump the
debian stable backup on sda1 of this same disk, to see how it is .

If the tests will be successful in the next few days, it could mean that the
problem was caused by some caching problem in the SSD , right?

I still dont understand why the combination of those SSD + 8gB ram caused

I've just checked my syslog and i see that with this setup (wheezy + non-SSD +
the old 4gB RAM) the AMI BIOS memory corruption message doesnt appear anymore.

i'll upgrade the bug in the next few days with the outcomes of these tests.


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