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Steve McIntyre 09-13-2012 03:10 PM

Bug#684265: testing report
On Thu, Sep 06, 2012 at 11:36:31PM -0700, Rick Thomas wrote:
>Well, it wasn't Tuesday. More like Thursday, but I did manage to get
>to it today. Here's my report...
>I downloaded both the amd64 and powerpc weekly DVD-1 iso's from
>9/3/2012 and copied each to a 4 GB USB flash thumb-drive, using "dd".
>Each booted as expected and ran the install process thru
>partitioning, telling it *not* to use a mirror (wanting to make sure
>the smaller DVD-1 installer wasn't missing anything important), then,
>finally, running task selection and finishing the installation. I
>installed a standard desktop environment: gnome on the powerpc, and
>xfce on the amd64.
>When it came time to write the boot-loader, they both showed symptoms
>of bug #684265 -- not able to find existing OS's and make entries for
>them in the bootloader config file.
>Fortunately, the amd64 grub boot loader creation script did some
>self-checking, and noticed that there was only one OS in the setup it
>was about to write. It asked me if I wanted to write a MBR that I'd
>only have to re-do later to pick up the other OS's (if any). I
>decided to see if there were other options and answered "no". It
>then asked if I wanted to write the boot block to the partition I was
>installing to. I said "yes" but that failed for some reason (I don't
>remember the error message, and I don't think it was helpful even if
>I could remember.) So then I tried using lilo to a second USB stick.
>That worked and booted fine. If I booted without the USB stick, it
>booted to the previous default OS. "Cool!" that there's a
>workaround, but "Uncool!" that it's so roundabout! I'll be happy to
>supply the syslog file if you want to take a look.
>The powerpc yaboot boot loader creation script isn't so intelligent.
>It didn't check, and therefor didn't recognize there was a problem,
>so it went blithely ahead and created a one-entry yaboot
>configuration, which I had to repair manually after rebooting. Once
>again, I have the syslog file from this installation and I'll be
>happy to supply it if you want to take a look.
>If you can point me at which package I should post a wishlist bug to,
>I'd love to have the yaboot bootloader creation script be as smart as
>the one for grub about "Hey! There's only one OS here."
>With the above-described workarounds, all went well with the post-
>installation reboots. The respective desktop environments seem
>complete and fully-functional.

Cool, thanks for checking that. I'm closing #686471 now. :-)

>PS: Is anybody working on bug #684265? It would be a shame if it
>got into beta2...

Yes, it would...

Steve McIntyre, Cambridge, UK.
"Since phone messaging became popular, the young generation has lost the
ability to read or write anything that is longer than one hundred and sixty
characters." -- Ignatios Souvatzis

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