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Christian PERRIER 08-15-2012 04:54 PM

Summary for "D-I hangs in some configurations" issues
Today, I did some testing about these often reported issues of D-I
"hanging", most often when detecting network hardware or when mounting
ISO images.

These issue is a kernel issue. It is being dealt with in #684293.

A workaround has been committed and uploaded in mountmedia. It is
confirmed working by my tests.

Another workaround for iso-scan has been sent in #684293 (when I sent
it, I forgot that this was the bug that had been reassigned to the
kernel, sorry). It is also confirmed as working but I think it is
quite ugly (blame my bad shell programming skills).

The bug has been tagged pending by the kernel maintainers, so I guess
that a kernel patch is on its way.

If a new kernel with that patch reaches wheezy, then we don't need the
workarounds anymore:
- no need to commit one for iso-scan
- need to revert the one in mountmedia


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