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Jonathan Nieder 11-24-2011 05:37 AM

Bug#594886: Computer freeze on network traffic
Marcos Garcia Ochoa wrote:

> Sorry for being away so long, but there have been developments. I'm
> running 2.6.35-trunk-amd64 with acpi=off and the system seems to work
> correctly.

Weird. I assume without "acpi=off" you are still able to reproduce
the bug? (By the way, it is probably best to use either a squeeze
kernel or a 3.x.y kernel from sid, in order to get security updates
and other fixes.)

Please attach full "dmesg" output from booting and reproducing the

> I suspect the faulty Targa Traveller 826 RTC has striked
> again.

Thanks for your work. Any pointers (e.g., web pages or bug numbers)
on this?


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