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Debian FTP Masters 08-30-2011 01:19 AM

linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_multi.changes is NEW
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1.diff.gz
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1.dsc
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4.orig.tar.gz
(new) linux-doc-3.1.0_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel specific documentation for version 3.1.0
This package provides the various README files and HTML documentation for
the Linux kernel version 3.1.0. Plenty of information, including the
descriptions of various kernel subsystems, filesystems, driver-specific
notes and the like. Consult the file
/usr/share/doc/linux-doc-3.1.0/Documentation/00-INDEX for the detailed
description of the contents.
(new) linux-manual-3.1.0_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel API manual pages for version 3.1.0
This package provides the Kernel Hacker's Guide in the form of manual
pages, describing the kernel API functions. They are installed into
section 9 of the manual.
As the files containing manual pages for different kernel versions are
installed in the same location, only one linux-manual package may be
installed at a time. The linux-doc package containing the documentation
in other formats is free from such restriction.
(new) linux-patch-debian-3.1.0_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Debian patches to version 3.1.0 of the Linux kernel
This package includes the patches used to produce the prepackaged
linux-source-3.1.0 package, as well as architecture-specific patches.
Note that these patches do NOT apply against a pristine Linux 3.1.0 kernel
but only against the kernel tarball linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4.orig.tar.gz from
the Debian archive.
(new) linux-source-3.1.0_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Linux kernel source for version 3.1.0 with Debian patches
This package provides source code for the Linux kernel version 3.1.0. This
source closely tracks official Linux kernel releases. Debian's
modifications to that source consist of security fixes, bug fixes, and
features that have already been (or are believed to be) accepted by the
upstream maintainers.
(new) linux-support-3.1.0-rc4_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional devel
Support files for Linux 3.1.0-rc4
This package provides support files for the Linux kernel build, e.g.
scripts to handle ABI information and for generation of build system meta
Changes: linux-2.6 (3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1) experimental; urgency=low
* New upstream release candidate
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* aufs: Disable until it is updated for Linux 3.1
* rt: Disable until it is updated for Linux 3.1
* nfs: Enable NFSv4.1/pNFS (Closes: #627655)
* [x86] ACPI: Enable ACPI_APEI_GHES as built-in (no longer modular).
* netfilter: Enable IP_SET_HASH_NETIFACE as module
* net: Enable NFC, NFC_PN533 as modules
* video: Enable FB_UDL as module (Closes: #618261)
* target: Enable ISCSI_TARGET as module
* skge: Enable SKGE_GENESIS
* net/wireless: Enable RTL8192DE as module
* hwmon: Enable SENSORS_EMC2103, SENSORS_LM95245, SENSORS_MAX1668,
* [i386] Enable GPIO_CS5535, MFD_CS5535, CS5535_MFGPT,
CS5535_CLOCK_EVENT_SRC, GPIO_VX855, MFD_VX855 as modules;
[i386/486] Enable OLPC_XO1_PM, OLPC_XO1_RTC, OLPC_XO1_SCI, OLPC_XO15_SCI
(Closes: #639113)
* media/dvb: Enable DVB_NET
* media/rc: Enable IR_MCE_KBD_DECODER as module
* gspca: Enable USB_GSPCA_SE401 as module
* de4x5: Disable on all architectures except alpha (Closes: #639538)
* wl128x: Disable on all flavours except armhf/omap
* Make bug script accept failure of lspci (Closes: #639439)
* [alpha] Disable GENERIC_GPIO (Closes: #638696)
34c6081a6986b7c6518322ac9c460e7dfd376b17fa7e2f472e 2ac452e4665451 6170 linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1.dsc
1bd8057d6c23b5e08c83cb87129ba501e581acbcb1194cd57a 8c0a03160aab82 97734736 linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4.orig.tar.gz
f07a99c2232e0e8a76d52e155a37e85b1a450189727ed9b37a e7c2b300bb99a3 571638 linux-2.6_3.1.0~rc4-1~experimental.1.diff.gz

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