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Anton Ivanov 04-04-2010 10:42 AM

Bug#576405: Acknowledgement (linux-image-2.6.26: Deadlock during combined NFS3/NFS4 use)
Just remembered something - I did quite a lot of copying off manually
mounted via v3 exports which were at the same time accessed elsewhere
via v4. So this is probably autofs related and needs to me mounted under
an autofs point to be triggered.

The only reference I have been able to find to something similar was in
the fedora bugs for v9. By the look of it using autofs to set up a Unix
workstation network properly has become something of a lost art :(

The setup can be found in details at:

I have used the v3 setup in production environments with tens of users
and on my home network for many years and the only reason to look at v4
at all is that most apps like firefox, etc have now moved to use sqlite
which locks/unlocks like crazy so v3 starts hitting performance


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