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Old 11-21-2009, 10:36 PM
Archive Administrator
Default linux-2.6_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.changes is NEW

to main/l/linux-2.6/firmware-linux-free_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1.diff.gz
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1.dsc
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-2.6_2.6.32~rc8.orig.tar.gz
(new) linux-doc-2.6.32_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel specific documentation for version 2.6.32
This package provides the various README files and HTML documentation for
the Linux kernel version 2.6.32. Plenty of information, including the
descriptions of various kernel subsystems, filesystems, driver-specific
notes and the like. Consult the file
/usr/share/doc/linux-doc-2.6.32/Documentation/00-INDEX for the detailed
description of the contents.
(new) linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-all-amd64_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb optional kernel
All header files for Linux 2.6.32
This package depends against all architecture-specific kernel header files
for Linux kernel version 2.6.32-rc8, generally used for building
out-of-tree kernel modules.
(new) linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-all_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb optional kernel
All header files for Linux 2.6.32
This package depends against all architecture-specific kernel header files
for Linux kernel version 2.6.32-rc8, generally used for building
out-of-tree kernel modules.
(new) linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-amd64_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb optional kernel
Header files for Linux 2.6.32-rc8-amd64
This package provides the architecture-specific kernel header files for
Linux kernel 2.6.32-rc8-amd64, generally used for building out-of-tree
kernel modules. These files are going to be installed into
/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-amd64, and can be used for building
modules that load into the kernel provided by the
linux-image-2.6.32-rc8-amd64 package.
(new) linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-common_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb optional kernel
Common header files for Linux 2.6.32-rc8
This package provides the architecture-specific common kernel header files
for Linux kernel version 2.6.32-rc8, generally used for building
out-of-tree kernel modules. To obtain a complete set of headers you also
need to install the linux-headers-2.6.32-rc8-(flavour) package, matching
the flavour of the kernel you intend the build for.
(new) linux-image-2.6.32-rc8-amd64_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb optional kernel
Linux 2.6.32-rc8 for 64-bit PCs
The Linux kernel 2.6.32-rc8 and modules for use on PCs with AMD64 or Intel
64 processors.
This kernel also runs on a Xen hypervisor. It supports only unprivileged
(domU) operation.
to main/l/linux-2.6/linux-libc-dev_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb
(new) linux-manual-2.6.32_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional doc
Linux kernel API manual pages for version 2.6.32
This package provides the Kernel Hacker's Guide in the form of manual
pages, describing the kernel API functions. They are installed into
section 9 of the manual.
As the files containing manual pages for different kernel versions are
installed in the same location, only one linux-manual package may be
installed at a time. The linux-doc package containing the documentation
in other formats is free from such restriction.
(new) linux-patch-debian-2.6.32_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Debian patches to version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel
This package includes the patches used to produce the prepackaged
linux-source-2.6.32 package, as well as architecture-specific patches.
Note that these patches do NOT apply against a pristine Linux 2.6.32
kernel but only against the kernel tarball
linux-2.6_2.6.32~rc8.orig.tar.gz from the Debian archive.
(new) linux-source-2.6.32_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional kernel
Linux kernel source for version 2.6.32 with Debian patches
This package provides source code for the Linux kernel version 2.6.32.
This source closely tracks official Linux kernel releases. Debian's
modifications to that source consist of security fixes, bug fixes, and
features that have already been (or are believed to be) accepted by the
upstream maintainers.
If you wish to use this package to create a custom Linux kernel, then it
is suggested that you investigate the package kernel-package, which has
been designed to ease the task of creating kernel image packages.
(new) linux-support-2.6.32-rc8_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional devel
Support files for Linux 2.6.32-rc8
This package provides support files for the Linux kernel build, e.g.
scripts to handle ABI information and for generation of build system meta
(new) linux-tree-2.6.32_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_all.deb optional devel
Linux kernel source tree for building Debian kernel images
This metapackage is used as a build dependency of Debian linux-image
packages to prevent a version discrepancy between the linux-image and
corresponding linux-sources packages in the fast-moving unstable archive.
The package's dependency relations are structured so that a linux-image
package's build dependencies can always be satisfied, even if the
linux-source package that had been used to compile the image has been
superseded by a newer Debian revision since the last build.
The package provides a list of virtual packages, corresponding to Debian
revisions of a linux-source package. The Debian linux-patch contains the
information needed to roll back the current linux-source to any of the
revisions identified by the provided virtual packages. Therefore, the
linux-tree package ensures the availability of the Linux kernel source
tree corresponding to each of the virtual packages listed.
The package serves no purpose outside of the Debian build and archive
Changes: linux-2.6 (2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1) unstable; urgency=low
[ Ben Hutchings ]
* New upstream release candidate.
- slip: Clean up create and destroy (Closes: #408635)
- signal: Fix alternate signal stack check (Closes: #544905)
* README.Debian: Add brief information about building specific binary
packages (Closes: #546182)
* lgs8gxx: Remove firmware for lgs8g75 and use request_firmware() to
load it
* r8169: Remove firmware for RTL8168D v1 and v2 and use
request_firmware() to load it
* DocBook: Fix build breakage
* Hide WPA authentication parameters and comments when including network
configuration in bug reports
[ Bastian Blank ]
* [mips] Don't force EMBEDDED on.
* [sparc] Don't builtin Ext2 support.
* Use SLUB as default SLAB allocator.
[ Martin Michlmayr ]
* [armel] Make some options modular (since there's no reason for them
* [armel/orion5x, armel/kirkwood] Enable ISDN (requested by Markus
* Add patch from Albin Tonnerre to add HAVE_KERNEL_LZMA to arm.
* [armel] Enable KERNEL_LZMA, i.e. compress kernels with lzma to get
much better compression.
* [armel] Re-enable options that were turned off recently because of
[ maximilian attems ]
* Simplify postinst nuke reverse symlinks handling. Patch from
Sebastian Andrzej Siewior <sebastian@breakpoint.cc>.

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linux-libc-dev_2.6.32~rc8-1~experimental.1_amd64.deb - optional devel

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