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Robert McQueen 03-02-2009 11:16 PM

Bug#517449: seems to be a common issue...
I've just run across this bug when investigating a recurrence of #499745
on another box. It seems that this bug could be the root cause of mine
and many other similar bugs filed against Lenny's kernel. Seems worth
pushing as a stable update at any rate.

Looking at the last comments on it seems
there are three patches to fix this issue, rather than just the two
linked to by the OP. The upstream commits are:;a=commit;h=e17036dac189dd034c092a91df 56aa740db7146d;a=commit;h=6bc912b71b6f33b041cfde93ca 3f019cbaa852bc;a=commit;h=cce7ade803699463ecc62a065c a522004f7ccb3d

If I have time I'll try and build a lenny kernel with these patches and
see how it works, but if someone else beats me to it I'd be happy to try.


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