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Diederik de Haas 07-13-2012 12:20 PM

Amarok kcrash report

I just had a crash of Amarok and the generated backtrace got 3 stars, so I'm
reporting it here in the hope it may be useful.
It's not a (consistantly) reproducable sequence to get it to crash, so I
wouldn't be surprised if this crash report is useless.
So this is also a question whether a kcrash report on it's own (without
reproducable steps) is useful to report (to the ML).

I've recently setup Amarok to stream music from my Ampache server.
I provided my connection details and tested the connection, which was ok.
I then saw the music files I've stored there and added them to the playlist. When
trying to play them it didn't and skipped to the next one. It started playing
when it encountered a file not from Ampache.
Therefor I had several items in my playlist which didn't point to sth playable
and when trying to remove them, amarok crashed. From that crash is this kcrash

So far the behaviour wrt Amarok and Ampache is totally inconsistant. Sometimes
it plays, sometimes it doesn't. If/When I find a consistant way to reproduce it
or otherwise find a (possible) cause, I'll report it.


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