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Scott Ferguson 01-04-2012 12:16 PM

Problem adding a second launcher to the panel
On Squeeze I'd like to add a second instance of the Application Launcher
Menu that just consists of entries from a subdirectory on the default
Application Launcher Menu.

The standard Application Launcher Menu is not set to Kickoff Menu Style.

1. Unlock Widgets
2. Navigate the default Application Launcher Menu to the Internet
directory, and then to the custom directory below it called "Remote".
3. Right-click on the "Remote" entry and select "Add to Panel" from the
drop-down menu.
A new instance of an Application Launcher Menu then appears on the Panel.

All good so far - and the second instance of the Application Launcher
Menu has the icon from the "Remote" directory, and is not in Kickoff
Menu Style.

Problem A - apart from the icon and location, the second Application
Launcher Menu is identical to the first - instead of just being the
subdirectory of Internet.[*1]

Problem B - editing the second Application Launcher Menu results in
changes to both menus... I want to keep the original, full, Application
Launcher Menu *and* have a different, second, Application Launcher Menu
that displays a subset of the first menu.

I've tried other launchers - but couldn't work out how to add them to
the menu, and they didn't have the functionality or the layout I wanted.

All that's desired is a simple laucher consisting of a single menu with
half a dozen entries for various remote sessions (vpn, ssh, rdp, vnc etc).

Adding those entries to the Panel is not an option as the Panel is
already filled with the most commonly used Applications.

I don't want things on the "desktop" - it's something I expect to see
only briefly when starting the first application in an Activity.

I do want to keep the systems as close to stock Squeeze as possible - so
backporting is, unfortunately, not a consideration, unless it's
something pulled from the official Squeeze backports.

What ever measures taken have to be capable of being added to /etc/skel
as the default for all users - and gracefully survive updates.

Any suggestions before I start (backing up and) fiddling/hacking at
config files and potentially make a pig's ear from this fine silk purse?

If you've read this far without falling asleep - thanks.


[*1] I'm guessing I'll need to setup dual Application Launcher Menus in
system wide settings, and then customise in user settings to avoid the
mirroring of Launcher content.
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