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John Reiser 04-25-2010 05:45 PM

installing to machines with constrained resources
Have you found out a way to use btrfs + compression on your asus eee?

Boot the LiveCD, then use the Install icon. If necessary, use fdisk
after booting LiveCD and before invoking Install to Harddrive.

Or, use a larger machine to install to removable USB2.0 device
such as a USB2.0 harddrive or a flash memory device. Then boot
Rescue mode (or the LiveCD) on the small machine, use fdisk
to setup partitions, and "cp -ar" to copy the contents from the
removable device to the smaller machine. Lastly, adjust the UUID
in /etc/fstab and /boot/grub/grub.conf. I used this method
to install Fedora 12 to a 4GB USB2.0 flash memory device, then
moved it to an old i686 notebook with only 384MB RAM. These
days anaconda refuses anything less than 512MB, but my notebook
runs just fine [except for xorg-x11 choosing 800x600 even though
the panel is 1024x768.]

Why is btrfs so alluring? I find that ext4 is good enough,
particularly for a small machine that can use LiveCD or Rescue
mode for maintenance, backups, etc. GRUB understands ext4
and does not need a separate /boot. If btrfs absolutely is
required, then use a LiveCD for booting, but change its kernel
command line [type <Tab> at boot] to "root=UUID=<...>" of the
btrfs root partition.



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