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Jakub Adam 10-03-2012 07:23 PM

RFS: eclipse-mylyn 3.8.0-2 (RC BUGFIXES FOR WHEEZY)
Dear java packagers,

I am looking for a sponsor for package "eclipse-mylyn".

* Package name : eclipse-mylyn
Version : 3.8.0-2
Upstream Author : Eclipse Mylyn Project
* URL :
* License : EPL-1.0
Section : devel

It builds those binary packages:

eclipse-mylyn - Task-Focused Interface for Eclipse
eclipse-mylyn-context-cdt - Mylyn context integration for Eclipse CDT
eclipse-mylyn-context-jdt - Task support for Eclipse JDT
eclipse-mylyn-context-pde - Task support for Eclipse PDE
eclipse-mylyn-versions-cvs - Mylyn version control integration for CVS
eclipse-mylyn-versions-git - Mylyn version control integration for git
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-bugzilla - Mylyn Bugzilla Connector
eclipse-mylyn-tasks-trac - Mylyn Trac Connector
eclipse-mylyn-wikitext - Mylyn WikiText

Package sources can be accessed at pkg-java git repository:

This version fixes two bugs that are in my opinion RC and should be INCLUDED IN
WHEEZY. The changelog looks as follows:

* Don't build eclipse-mylyn-versions-git binary package.

- This avoids circular build dependency between eclipse-mylyn and eclipse-egit
that might cause problems when packages are rebuilt.
eclipse-mylyn-versions-git alone doesn't provide any end user functionality and
currently there aren't any packages depending on it, so can be safely removed
(Closes: #689452).

* Simplified rebuild-prepare-install-profile-job-3-6.patch.

- Works around dpkg bug #683547 that makes the Mylyn build fail.
(Closes: #689527)

If you could also upload 3.8.1-2, containing the same fixes, into experimental
it would be nice, but not essential.



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