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Cédric Pineau 09-22-2011 02:31 PM

Hi and freemind adopter request questions
*Hi to all.

*I'm a java developper and debian daily user for some years and would like to start contributing on packaging.

*I noticed that freemind was looking for an adopter ( and looked for existing work, which leads me to two questions :

*- it seems that the package is up to date for now with version 0.9 available on wheezy ( =names&keywords=freemind). Did I get wrong about the need on this package ?

*- I found the package source on debian svn ( but I get a "permanently relocated" error message, relocating to.. a folder if I get it right :-/ !

svn co
svn: Dépôt definitivement déplacé en '/viewvc/pkg-java/trunk/freemind/'*; merci de relocaliser


*I know time is precious, please accept my apologizes and point me to appropriate documents if my questions are too dubb ones



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