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Mathieu Malaterre 09-09-2011 10:22 AM

Dear all,

I am still slowly learning ant build system. Using
Dbuild.sysclasspath=only did solve quite a number of issues I was
having. However it seems there is a side-effect. Now the build system
is not capable of finding it's own classes. For instance it now fails

[javac] /home/mathieu/debian/debian-med/trunk/packages/bio-formats/trunk/bio-formats-4.3.1/components/ome-io/build/src/loci/ome/io/
package loci.common does not exist
[javac] import loci.common.RandomAccessInputStream;


$ find . | grep RandomAccessInputStream

Now if I use Dbuild.sysclasspath=first of Dbuild.sysclasspath=last i
can go a little further but then again it fails with:

[javac] /home/mathieu/debian/debian-med/trunk/packages/bio-formats/trunk/bio-formats-4.3.1/components/ome-io/build/src/loci/ome/io/
package ome.xml.model.primitives does not
[javac] import ome.xml.model.primitives.PositiveFloat;


$ find . | grep PositiveF

So I have used all possibilities for build.sysclasspath, what should I
try next :)

Thanks much !

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