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Thomas Goirand 02-16-2008 05:54 PM

Recommendation for a bigger Switch

I do as well need some help in purchasing a switch, but mine would be
bigger than the one just described in the other post.

I need to be able to plug something like 40 ethernet ports (2 for each
servers), and be able to set bandwidth cap on a group of ethernet ports.
I need the switch to be fully gigabit for at least 1/2 of the ethernet
ports (the other half will be used only to plug a KVM over LAN port, and
they can run at 100 Mbits, it doesn't matter). So I think that a 48
ports switch would do. It also have to be in a 1U case.

We have been using the switch from linksys (namely, the srw224g4), but
I'm not happy with it, mainly because it only support IE6 for it's
management interface. Even with IE7, it doesn't work, and of course, I'm
using my laptop with a Debian. Also, reading the linksys forum about the
srw2048, I could read that some users experienced some very bad failure
appearing randomly (some 8 ports bank suddenly not working until a
reboot), and I don't want to have the same kind of troubles. It a shame,
otherwise it would have really fit our needs.

See here: &pagename=Linksys%2FCommon%2FVisitorWrapper&cid=11 69671053912

Of course, price DOES matter, I don't need any other features than the
one written above. I do not wish to spend thousands in some Cisco product.

This time, I need the switch for our location in Paris, but we would
purchase the same one in other location where we do web hosting:
Singapore, Sydney, Seattle, Florida, London, Barcelona, and Israel (for
that last one, I guess I'll have to manage to get it myself shipped...).
So availability is also a concern.

Anything like the linksys srw2048 but without the above list of problems
would do.

Thanks if you can help me to find a good product,

Thomas Goirand

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