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Christian Hammers 05-18-2011 08:40 AM

Source address selection: "preferred_lft=0" or "ip addrlabel"?

On a web server which has several IPv6 adresses on one interface it's
desirable to configure the one that's used for outgoing connections.

Without explicit configuration the RFC 3484 algorithm falls through and
the Linux default is to use the last added address. A "secondary" attribute
like in IPv4 is absent in the "/bin/ip" command.

Now there seems to be two proposals:

1. Use preferred_lft=0 to mark all secondary addresses as "obsolet but still
valid". Does work and is easily visable with "ip addr" but it seems to me
like a misusage of the "lifetime" attribute.
More details:

2. Use address labels. Does work as well but to view the current
configuration you have to know about the "ip addrlabel" command and
moreover understand its concept.
More details:

What would you recommend?



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