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ADORJÁNI Gábor 07-15-2008 08:29 AM

Supermicro IPMI and shell
Hi Paul,

> I have a Supermicro PDSMi+ mainboard with an AOC-IPMI20-E IPMI card

PDSMA+ here, with same card. Except for the kernel panic I mentioned in
#455723, it works fine.

(Haha, Debian "bug-patching": my primary e-mail address changed, a maintainer
cannot write to me, so the bug is "closed" now. :I )

> (with shared LAN). Trough IPMI I can see the bios and grub, I can see
> the kernel starting, but I never get a shell...
> In /etc/inittab I have:
> T1:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS1 19200 vt100
> In /boot/grub/menu.lst I have (on one line):
> module /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.18-6-xen-amd64 root=/dev/md0 ro quiet
> console=tty0 console=ttyS1,19200n8r
> Does somebody else have experience with this?

The mentioned parameters on my host are:

# grep ^is /etc/inittab
is:12345:respawn:/sbin/getty -f /etc/issue.serial 19200 ttyS1 vt100
# cat /proc/cmdline
root=LABEL=root ro console=ttyS1,19200n8r console=tty0 vga=extended

Be sure to _NOT_ set up serial console for GRUB, because it won't work! Set it
up in the BIOS and then let GRUB use the default BIOS screen access calls.



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