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Thorsten Glaser 04-22-2012 07:49 PM

Bug#670084: gcc-*: please allow cross-building for arbitrary GNU triplets
Source: gcc-4.6
Severity: wishlist


while is an
invaluable help to people dabbling in such black art, but
wishing to do it “the proper Debian way”, it lacks a certain

For example, if I want to build a cross-compiler to Debian/m68k,
I can use this for binutils:
|TARGET=$(dpkg-architecture -am68k -qDEB_HOST_GNU_TYPE 2>/dev/null)
(or just TARGET=m68k-linux-gnu of course)

But I need to use this for gcc-4.6:

Currently, reading the Debian gcc packaging, there seems to be no
way to create a cross-compiler the Debian way to something that is
not a Debian or Debian-Ports architecture.

I could probably register mint-m68k¹²³ with the dpkg developers, but
it would be more generically useful to just be able to tell it the
GNU triplet m68k-atari-mint and let GCC work with that (besides, the
package names are based on the triplets anyway).

③ Although I need the cross compiler to be able to compile a bootloader
for the Atari to boot Linux on it (and as such must run on the native
OS and be cross-built), not for continuing the Debian GNU/MiNT port.

Support mksh as /bin/sh and RoQA dash NOW!
‣ src:bash (244 (263) bugs: 0 RC, 172 (186) I&N, 72 (77) M&W, 0 F&P)
‣ src:dash (75 (87) bugs: 3 RC, 31 (35) I&N, 41 (49) M&W, 0 F&P)
‣ src:mksh (1 bug: 0 RC, 0 I&N, 1 M&W, 0 F&P) is pretty red, innit?

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