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Patrick Schoenfeld 01-13-2012 02:50 PM

Dpkg::Log - log file parsing support for dpkg log files

we had the topic quiet a while ago and I must confess I haven't made a
lot of progress on bringing forward the merge of DPKG::Log in the dpkg
code base.

However, I feel, I should somehow try to get this forward and so I'm
sending a patch, which could be reviewed, so actually *some* progress
is starting to happen.

There are some notes, I have to make about it:

- It includes a dpkg-report script, but its probably not yet useful
for anyone, because its missing a template and a manpage.
With regard to the template: I'm unsure if dpkg maintainers would be
ok to stay with libtemplate-perl, which is used in the script so far.
Feedback needed.

- The patch does not yet include any packaging updates.

- It also does not yet incorporate any fixes for the bugs reported
against libdpkg-log-perl.

Please find the patch attached.

Kindly asking for feedback,
best Regards,

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