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Old 07-29-2010, 09:32 AM
Guillem Jover
Default Accepted dpkg 1.15.8 (source all amd64)

Hash: SHA1

Format: 1.8
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 09:37:35 +0200
Source: dpkg
Binary: libdpkg-dev dpkg dpkg-dev libdpkg-perl dselect
Architecture: source amd64 all
Version: 1.15.8
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Dpkg Developers <debian-dpkg@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Guillem Jover <guillem@debian.org>
dpkg - Debian package management system
dpkg-dev - Debian package development tools
dselect - Debian package management front-end
libdpkg-dev - Debian package management static library
libdpkg-perl - Dpkg perl modules
Closes: 68788 68861 80252 102609 477954 497304 525567 534637 547993 550252 572526 574704 575304 578365 579012 579149 581544 582389 582401 582404 582406 582814 582819 582893 583656 583902 587382 587641 587724 587949 588265 590297 590472
dpkg (1.15.8) unstable; urgency=low
[ Raphaël Hertzog ]
* Add new commands --before-build and --after-build to dpkg-source
and modify dpkg-buildpackage to call them automatically at the
start and at the end of the process. With "3.0 (quilt)" source packages
this ensures patches are applied even in case of binary-only builds.
Closes: #572526
* Merge non-regression test for Ubuntu's specificities concerning
changelog handling. Closes: #582389
* Fix some copy-paste mistakes in dpkg-architecture(1). Thanks to Ian Fleming
<iflema@yahoo.com.au> for the patch and Colin Watson for forwarding out of
Launchpad. Closes: #582404 LP: #564308
* Clarify description of dpkg --configure in dpkg(1). Thanks to Colin Watson
for the patch and to Robert Persson for the report.
Closes: #582406 LP: #77287
* Fix the non-regression test lib/dpkg/test/t-ar.c by not overflowing the
size of ar_name. Thanks to Colin Watson for the report, analysis and patch.
Closes: #582401
* Modify Dpkg::Shlibs::Objdump to use the cross objdump binary when cross
compiling. Thanks to Loïc Minier for the initial patch. Closes: #578365
* Make dpkg-maintscript-helper more robust when required parameters are
missing. Closes: #582814
* Clarify that dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile needs the last version of
the package that did not remove the obsolete conffile if this was not
implemented at the time the file became obsolete. Closes: #582893
* Enhance dpkg-maintscript-helper rm_conffile and mv_conffile to work
properly when <lastversion> is not given (or is empty). Closes: #582819
* Small fix in dpkg-gensymbols' handling of tags. Closes: #583656
Thanks to Michael Tautschnig <mt@debian.org> for the report and the fix.
* update-alternatives has been rewritten in C, the only feature change
should be that it uses its own logfile /var/log/alternatives.log (rotated
like dpkg.log).
* Implement new --unapply-patches option for dpkg-source with source formats
2.0 and 3.0 (quilt) that unapplies the patches after a successful build.
This option can be put in debian/source/local-options in the package VCS
repository for instance.
* Implement new --abort-on-upstream-changes option for dpkg-source with
source formats 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 (quilt). It aborts every time that you try
to build a source package which contains (unmanaged) changes to the
upstream source code. Closes: #579012
* dpkg-source now captures the output of patch and prints it on error so
that the user can better diagnose what went wrong. Closes: #575304
* Fix Dpkg::Changelog to cope properly with an entry of version "0".
Add non-regression test for this. Closes: #587382
* Add --export command to dpkg-buildflags to be used in shell with eval.
* Modify source format "3.0 (git)" to use git bundles. Thanks to Joey Hess
for the patch.
The usage of git bundle avoids distributing cruft. Closes: #477954
It's no longer needed to tell which branch contains the debian packaging,
it uses automatically the one that was used at build-time. Closes: #534637
* Pass --no-name option to gzip to avoid encoding the timestamp in the file
so that the result is more predictable. Closes: #587724
Also pass --rsyncable to make source packages more rsync friendly.
* Replace dpkg-source's tar ignore pattern "*~" with "*/*~" to avoid
matching on the top level directory. Closes: #588265
* In source formats "2.0" and "3.0 (quilt)", make sure to remove the
upstream-provided debian directory before copying the debian-provided
version of that directory in place. Closes: #590297
[ Guillem Jover ]
* Require gettext 0.18:
- Remove embedded gettext files from the repository, now properly
installed by autopoint for all po/ directories.
- Add versioned Build-Depends.
* Fix variable usage after delete in dselect.
* Change default configure admindir to LOCALSTATEDIR/lib/dpkg from
LOCALSTATEDIR/dpkg, so that we can use a correct --localstatedir=/var.
* Add two new dpkg options --path-exclude and --path-include for filtering
files on package installation. This allows embedded systems to skip
/usr/share/doc, manpages, etc. Based on work from Tollef Fog Heen and
Martin Pitt, thanks! Closes: #68788, #68861, #497304, #525567, #583902
* Remove obsolete internal status aliases “postinst-failed” for
stat_halfconfigured and “removal-failed” for stat_halfinstalled.
* Check version syntax when parsing it from libdpkg based programs.
Closes: #574704
* Rewrite mksplit in C, and merge it into dpkg-split.
* Rewrite dpkg-divert in C.
* Use linux-any wildcard for libselinux1-dev Build-Depends instead of
using a list of negated architectures.
* Use Breaks instead of Conflicts in dpkg, dpkg-dev and libdpkg-perl binary
* Move Dpkg.pm and Dpkg/Gettext.pm from dpkg to libdpkg-perl.
* Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.1.
* Detect when another process has locked the database, and mention that
problematic dpkg --audit results might be due to ongoing operations.
Closes: #80252
* Add new dpkg --force-confask option that forces a conffile prompt when
the conffile from the new package does not differ from the previous one.
Thanks to Henning Makholm <henning@makholm.net>. Closes: #102609
* On dpkg-divert --rename, check if the source file exists, and disable
renaming if it does not. Closes: #550252
As a side effect, this avoids useless errors when the destination
directory is not existent or writable. Closes: #581544
* Properly compute the longest package description from all to be displayed
on “dpkg-query --list”, so that it does not get incorrectly trimmed.
* Consistently use earlier/later instead of smaller/bigger when describing
comparison relationships. Closes: #587641
* Stop exporting DPKG_LIBDIR to maintainer scripts, no need for it anymore.
* Assign correct SE Linux label on non-regular files. Based on a patch by
Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au>. Closes: #587949
* Add -F option to dpkg-buildpackage to be able to explicitly specify a
normal full build and combine it with -nc. Closes: #547993
* Add missing mentions of the Breaks field alongside the other fields
sharing the same syntax in deb-control(5).
Thanks to Osamu Aoki <osamu@debian.org>. Closes: #590472
[ Updated programs translations ]
* Catalan (Guillem Jover).
* German (Sven Joachim).
* Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #579149
* Swedish (Peter Krefting).
[ Updated man page translations ]
* German (Helge Kreutzmann).
* Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #579149
* Spanish (Omar Campagne).
* Swedish (Peter Krefting).
[ New scripts translation ]
* Spanish (Omar Campagne).
[ Updated scripts translations ]
* French (Christian Perrier).
* German (Helge Kreutzmann). Improved by Holger Wansing.
* Russian (Yuri Kozlov). Closes: #579149
* Swedish (Peter Krefting).
ea484858776de1d0d4670936dd0065f488ff3300 1200 dpkg_1.15.8.dsc
1d7d064ab2f5269d4d74643f01a1e4020466d51d 5041695 dpkg_1.15.8.tar.bz2
9af89a72ac53443f7663917055c2149cff3187f3 409508 libdpkg-dev_1.15.8_amd64.deb
1357be6a546dc627eae5ea81c046d474639aad54 1922772 dpkg_1.15.8_amd64.deb
3244714f016e7c159383d61efec80ef71b7b90af 824080 dselect_1.15.8_amd64.deb
d8c88870ff56dff6bac23f331a3228f0d80a2081 440374 dpkg-dev_1.15.8_all.deb
b22ebc72d22026c793fc66fdad1af2fd0480045b 650142 libdpkg-perl_1.15.8_all.deb
bbde5652260d25cf1d268f5bd245b081af0a1cd9897818bae4 bdffa4559ecf32 1200 dpkg_1.15.8.dsc
b19a2304109b4a78685e334c22cc9a9de899108b9bdb29b3b7 0e5378cfb8eff7 5041695 dpkg_1.15.8.tar.bz2
fb5aa2e0fb93519c7829ffb8df50d2740cb37c6f1dbc82fc64 1ffd1ed99c7aee 409508 libdpkg-dev_1.15.8_amd64.deb
49bcb9a6ca55e441e524c714046ea90ce9f8230e855ba636bb 8ce278f0c6804d 1922772 dpkg_1.15.8_amd64.deb
994e5c065e94e37d6e19363ca96cb770c0b5535f1aabb41511 3b4db2a7c31184 824080 dselect_1.15.8_amd64.deb
a0d8f98ed4bf28c4f6fda03145f32fe77096b5f60c5d62f4d4 b5531c506e3115 440374 dpkg-dev_1.15.8_all.deb
c997307ed3cfa8df36be891011ca8b4d67f6341c2449b01de6 6260fe14670788 650142 libdpkg-perl_1.15.8_all.deb
e0e08c2c28707238e6882ad1a158f1f8 1200 admin required dpkg_1.15.8.dsc
fedbe74bf99ecf4bb1a767c9e700f84c 5041695 admin required dpkg_1.15.8.tar.bz2
89b778b74969e79bbe7bb7ac347b556a 409508 libdevel optional libdpkg-dev_1.15.8_amd64.deb
9dd776d0693849e081356f4cca2f32a4 1922772 admin required dpkg_1.15.8_amd64.deb
2ee729998c71106874b84e545a0672ec 824080 admin optional dselect_1.15.8_amd64.deb
b4e5658bcbb7618e98893a42e112510f 440374 utils optional dpkg-dev_1.15.8_all.deb
6c0a9d3c5f760f3c0498b0ee5a8e7ccc 650142 perl optional libdpkg-perl_1.15.8_all.deb

Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


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