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Jonathan Nieder 06-29-2010 01:20 AM

conffile handling series ( Feature request: Reset configurations)
Hi again,

sean finney wrote:

> the fact that this was not done, along with the lack of any further
> responses to my follow-up questions (in february) was taken by me as a
> sign that the maintainer isn't too interested in pursuing things further,
> at least at this point.

AFAICT Guillem only has time for dpkg-related activity in spurts, and
indeed for my few small contributions it has been painful to wait in
suspense for a while to see if they would be accepted. I should say
that when he does have time the results can sometimes be really

I want to see the conffile handling in dpkg get fixed, but if waiting
for Guillem periodically is a necessary part of it, well, I just don’t
see how I can help. That is why I suggested trying to find a way to
get this reviewed and deployed somewhere, working on the debian-dpkg@
list, without the requirement of it being merged to master

> given the amount of work i've already invested into this (60-80 hours
> would be a conservative estimate)

I would have guessed much more than that. It is not really fair, but
what can one do?

Thanks for that work, by the way. :) I like the overall design.

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