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Scott Kitterman 10-02-2012 03:26 AM

New sip4 release with API bump
The newest sip4 release, 4.14 increases the API version to 9.0. Since it has
potential incompatibilities, I've uploaded it to Experimental so maintainers
of rdepends can investigate if changes are needed. I hope to land this in
unstable very shortly after Wheezy is released.

There are a few packages that use python-sip that have not converted to using
dh_sip. I'll add versioned breaks for those packages in the next sip4 upload.
Here's a DD list for those:

Alastair McKinstry <>

Andreas Tille <>
qtiplot (U)

Debian GIS Project <>

Debian Science Team <>

Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>
qgis (U)

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson <>
qtiplot (U)

Scott Howard <>
qtiplot (U)

For the dh_sip using packages, they aren't broken (in a packaging sense) by
the new API version and should just need to be rebuilt (I've already taken
care of python-qt4 and will deal with qscintilla2 as well):

Andreas Hildebrandt <>
ball (U)

Bernd Zeimetz <>
python-qt4 (U)

Daniel Leidert (dale) <>
avogadro (U)

Debian Med Packaging Team <>

Debian Python Modules Team <>
pyqwt3d (U)
pyqwt5 (U)

Debian Qt/KDE Maintainers <>

Debichem Team <>

Gudjon I. Gudjonsson <>
qscintilla2 (U)

Jeremy Sanders <>
veusz (U)

Joachim Breitner <>

Martin Pitt <>
calibre (U)

Mathieu Malaterre <>
serna-free (U)

Michael Banck <>
avogadro (U)

Michael Casadevall <>
python-qt4 (U)

Michael Meskes <>
pykde4 (U)

Miriam Ruiz <>

Modestas Vainius <>
pykde4 (U)

Python Applications Packaging Team <>

Scott Kitterman <>
python-qt4 (U)
qscintilla2 (U)

Sune Vuorela <>
pykde4 (U)

Torsten Marek <>
python-qt4 (U)
qscintilla2 (U)

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