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05-16-2012 07:05 AM

debuild/dpkg-buildpackage behaves not as expected

I just discovered that debuild does not behave as I would expect from
the maintainer's guide [1]:

| Cleaning the source and rebuilding the package from your user account
| is as simple as:
| $ debuild
| You can clean the source tree as simply as:
| $ debuild clean

This gives an error if the "dh_clean" does not work on the unpatched
source, since "debuild" reverts all patches, but "debuild clean" does
not apply then. I filed a bug report for this [2], including a simple
example package, but the maintainer doesn't see a problem here.

For me, the behaviour doesn't look good since the state after "debuild"
does not make sense to me: all files created during the build process
(from the patches sources) are still there (including temporary ones),
but the sources themself do not are not patched anymore. So, build
results and sources do not fit together after this step. Even more, if
during the build process one file that has a Debian patch is changed,
unapplying the patch may fail even if the build change would be reverted
during the clean process.

What is the rationale behind the automatic reversal of the applied
patches before a cleanup?




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