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Dmitrijs Ledkovs 11-29-2011 06:10 PM

Bug#650436: ITP: openerp6 -- Enterprise Resource Management
Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Dmitrijs Ledkovs <>

* Package name : openerp6
Version : 6.0.3
Upstream Author : OpenERP S.A
* URL :
* License : AGPL
Programming Lang: Python
Description : Enterprise Resource Management

OpenERP is a collection of open source software which facilitates
business operations, such as:
* CRM (Customer Relations Management)
* Accounting
* Point of Sale
* Project Management
* Warehouse Management
* Human Resources
* Purchasing
* Manufacturing
* Marketing
* Invoicing

I would like to introduce Ver.6.0 stack: server, web-client,
gtk-client and certified addons from this source package.

At a later stage I may reintroduce Ver.5.0 stack, because it is still
maintained by upstream and there are many people using. [citation

I would like to maintain it part of Python Apps Team. (currently v6.0
cannot be used as a python module/library at all and it doesn't make
sense at all to have openerp in system path / byte-compile for
multiple versions).

Current packaging is injected into the Python Apps Team svn
repository. But it's not ready yet. Working on it.

This packaging is based on:
- debian openerp5 packaging
- OpenERP S.A. packaging changes
- credativ Gmbh & Ltd v5 & v6 internal packaging
- Stable updates from upstream

It also adds dbconfig-common & wwwconfig-common integration, secure
default configuration and better integration with debian based
systems, when comparing deploying from branches.

I'm active user of OpenERP, develop customisations for eat both for
personal use-cases and at work.

There are a couple of my friends who are interested in helping me out
with this.

There are still unresolved issues. Currently migration path is still
to pay for support contract from OpenERP S.A and let them do it. But
given enough time & interest using Pentaho ETL or writing migration
scripts for modules or extending/completing migration addon.

I do understand that this is a massive package to maintain. And I do
need/want help. So request for help bugs will be filed straight away
with first upload. Cause there are plenty of things to do on it.



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