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Tiago Saboga 06-14-2011 10:52 PM

Bug#403619: languagetool -- rule-based language checker
Package: wnpp
Followup-For: Bug #403619


May I ask if there are some news here?

I want to package omegat-plugins and it depends on languagetool. I've
prepared a simple package for it, in order to really see what the
license problems are, and it's available at [1]. If it's OK for
everybody, I would continue work on it on the next few days, pulling
in bits from [2]
as the bzr link referred above seems dead now.

It seems to me it would be important if we had fsa programs packaged
in debian; this way, IMHO, we would not have to rebuild all *dict
files, as their text-only versions (preferred form of modification)
are only one command-line far. I've also started working on it,
sources are at [3].

I've put my name on the maintainers field, as I had nothing better to
do ;) In fact, I'd rather help on a collaborative packaging than
getting it as my packages.

Tiago Saboga.

[1] - git+ssh://
[2] -,
[3] - git+ssh://

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