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Jonas Meurer 02-06-2008 03:42 PM

unknown-field-in-control homepage

I'm not sure whether this is an issue with dpkg or rather with lintian,
but if I check the cryptsetup deb+udeb packages after building them,
lintian reports that udebs don't allow the Homepage field in

If I got it right, the Homepage field belongs to the Source section of
debian/control, so I see no way to keep it out of the udeb.

Here's the exact lintian message:

$ lintian -i -I cryptsetup_1.0.6~pre1+svn45-2_amd64.changes
I: cryptsetup-udeb udeb: unknown-field-in-control homepage
N: See the Policy Manual for a list of the possible fields in a binary
N: package control file.
N: In udeb packages the fields pre-depends, conflicts, essential and
N: suggests are disallowed, but they can contain the new fields
N: subarchitecture and installer-menu-item.
N: Refer to Policy Manual, section 5.3 for details.

what shall I do about that?


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