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Roger Leigh 02-06-2011 10:40 PM

Ideas for object-based git-like storage on Linux
Hi folks,

There are lots of Debian people out there using git, and some of them
have expressed interest over the years in having the ability to use
git as a filesystem in its own right (#477942 is an example of one
in a package I maintain).

I've finally got down to it and written all my thoughts on the topic
down in a mostly-organised form, which you can find at

This paper looks at the concept of object-based storage, and the
creation of "hashlinks", essentially symlinks which use hashes
rather than pathnames to refer to a file. Currently a complete
draft, which could probably use a little more editing.

Any thoughts or comments welcome; I'm just putting it out there
because I have no time to actually implement this at the moment,
but it's an interesting topic, and one which could potentially
revolutionise the way we use filesystems if done properly. I
started writing to organise my thinking on the matter, and I think
that through that I've actually got a basically implementable
robust design that would actually work very efficiently.

[For the curious, I thought I'd forego XeLaTeX and inkscape, and
write this in troff (-ms) and xfig/PIC. It's not too shabby for
a nearly 40 year old system, though I am not half as proficient in
it as I am with LaTeX.]


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