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Old 02-20-2009, 06:27 AM
Default Work-needing packages report for Feb 20, 2009

The following is a listing of packages for which help has been requested
through the WNPP (Work-Needing and Prospective Packages) system in the
last week.

Total number of orphaned packages: 399 (new: 3)
Total number of packages offered up for adoption: 113 (new: 6)
Total number of packages requested help for: 48 (new: 0)

Please refer to http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/ for more information.


The following packages have been orphaned:

mkelfimage (#515889), orphaned yesterday
Description: utility to create ELF boot images from Linux kernel
Reverse Depends: ltsp-client-core
Installations reported by Popcon: 40

scheme48 (#515544), orphaned 4 days ago
Description: A simple, modular, and lightweight Scheme
Reverse Depends: cmuscheme48-el
Installations reported by Popcon: 112

wmnd (#515440), orphaned 4 days ago
Description: Dockapp monitoring network interfaces
Installations reported by Popcon: 426

396 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/orphaned for a complete list.


The following packages have been given up for adoption:

azureus (#516255), offered today
Description: BitTorrent client
Reverse Depends: vuze
Installations reported by Popcon: 2502

gpscorrelate (#515330), offered 4 days ago
Description: correlates digital photos with GPS data filling EXIF
Reverse Depends: gpscorrelate-gui
Installations reported by Popcon: 240

libinotify-ruby (#515303), offered 4 days ago
Description: Ruby interface to Linux's inotify system
Reverse Depends: libinotify-ruby
Installations reported by Popcon: 35

libnet (#516222), offered today
Description: library for the construction and handling of network
Reverse Depends: 4g8 arping arpon dsniff ettercap ettercap-gtk
guessnet heartbeat laptop-net libnet1-dbg (10 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 7995

mnogosearch (#515302), offered 4 days ago
Description: full-featured web search engine
Reverse Depends: mnogosearch-common mnogosearch-mysql
mnogosearch-pgsql mnogosearch-sqlite
Installations reported by Popcon: 83

povray (#515431), offered 4 days ago (non-free)
Description: Persistence of vision raytracer (3D renderer)
Reverse Depends: povray-examples povray-includes
Installations reported by Popcon: 939

107 older packages have been omitted from this listing, see
http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/rfa_bypackage for a complete list.


For the following packages help is requested:

apache2 (#470795), requested 343 days ago
Description: Co-maintainer wanted
Reverse Depends: ampache apache2 apache2-dbg apache2-mpm-event
apache2-mpm-itk apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-mpm-worker
apache2-prefork-dev apache2-suexec apache2-suexec-custom (153 more
Installations reported by Popcon: 41875

ara (#450876), requested 466 days ago
Description: utility for searching the Debian package database
Installations reported by Popcon: 130

athcool (#278442), requested 1577 days ago
Description: Enable powersaving mode for Athlon/Duron processors
Installations reported by Popcon: 211

boinc (#511243), requested 42 days ago
Description: BOINC distributed computing
Reverse Depends: boinc-app-seti boinc-dbg
Installations reported by Popcon: 1541

cvs (#354176), requested 1092 days ago
Description: Concurrent Versions System
Reverse Depends: crossvc cvs-autoreleasedeb cvs-buildpackage cvs2cl
cvs2html cvschangelogbuilder cvsconnect cvsd cvsdelta cvsps (12 more
Installations reported by Popcon: 22593

dctrl-tools (#448284), requested 481 days ago
Description: Command-line tools to process Debian package
Reverse Depends: aptfs debian-goodies dlocate haskell-devscripts
hg-buildpackage ia32-archive ia32-libs-tools mlmmj sbuild simple-cdd
Installations reported by Popcon: 10138

dpkg (#282283), requested 1552 days ago
Description: dselect: a user tool to manage Debian packages
Reverse Depends: alien alsa-source apt-build apt-cross apt-src
backuppc build-essential bzr-builddeb cacao-oj6-dbg cacao-oj6-jdk
(117 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 82572

drscheme (#402589), requested 801 days ago
Description: PLT scheme programming environment
Reverse Depends: drscheme minlog proofgeneral-minlog
Installations reported by Popcon: 329

elvis (#432298), requested 591 days ago
Description: powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor (with X11
Reverse Depends: elvis elvis-console elvis-tools
Installations reported by Popcon: 398

fglrx-driver (#454993), requested 439 days ago (non-free)
Description: non-free AMD/ATI r5xx, r6xx display driver
Reverse Depends: fglrx-amdcccle fglrx-atieventsd fglrx-control
fglrx-driver fglrx-glx fglrx-glx-ia32 fglrx-kernel-src
Installations reported by Popcon: 2179

flightgear (#487388), requested 243 days ago
Description: Flight Gear Flight Simulator
Installations reported by Popcon: 994

gentoo (#422498), requested 655 days ago
Description: a fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager
Installations reported by Popcon: 270

gnat-4.3 (#475374), requested 315 days ago
Description: help needed to execute test cases
Reverse Depends: adabrowse adacontrol asis-programs ghdl gnade-bin
gnat gnat-4.3 gnat-gps libadasockets-dev libahven14 (46 more
Installations reported by Popcon: 690

gnat-gps (#496905), requested 175 days ago
Description: co-maintainer needed
Installations reported by Popcon: 138

grub (#248397), requested 1746 days ago
Description: GRand Unified Bootloader
Reverse Depends: brdesktop-artwork-grub dfsbuild grub-choose-default
grub-doc replicator startupmanager
Installations reported by Popcon: 75463

hotkey-setup (#483107), requested 269 days ago
Description: auto-configures laptop hotkeys
Installations reported by Popcon: 33131

imagemagick (#452314), requested 456 days ago
Description: Image manipulation programs
Reverse Depends: advi-examples afterstep album ale ascd asymptote
bins cimg-dev docbook2odf drgeo (81 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 25881

ispell-et (#391105), requested 869 days ago
Description: Estonian dictionary for Aspell/Ispell/MySpell
Installations reported by Popcon: 113

jove (#470185), requested 347 days ago
Description: Jonathan's Own Version of Emacs - a compact, powerful
Reverse Depends: xjove
Installations reported by Popcon: 335

kvm (#479951), requested 288 days ago
Description: Full virtualization on x86 hardware (Need help with
ia64, ppc and s390)
Reverse Depends: qemubuilder
Installations reported by Popcon: 1547

loop-aes-utils (#385614), requested 903 days ago
Description: Tools for mounting and manipulating filesystems
Reverse Depends: partman-crypto-loop
Installations reported by Popcon: 722

mantis (#471094), requested 341 days ago
Description: web-based bug tracking system
Installations reported by Popcon: 92

mediawiki-extensions (#484545), requested 260 days ago
Description: set of extensions for MediaWiki
Reverse Depends: mediawiki-semediawiki
Installations reported by Popcon: 416

mol (#436450), requested 562 days ago
Description: The Mac-on-Linux emulator
Reverse Depends: mol-drivers-linux mol-drivers-macos
mol-drivers-macosx mol-modules-source
Installations reported by Popcon: 63

mutt (#512072), requested 34 days ago
Description: text-based mailreader supporting MIME, GPG, PGP and
Reverse Depends: debreaper metche mutt-dbg mutt-patched muttprofile
Installations reported by Popcon: 69502

mwavem (#313369), requested 1347 days ago (non-free)
Description: Mwave/ACP modem support software
Installations reported by Popcon: 4

nas (#354174), requested 1092 days ago
Description: The Network Audio System
Reverse Depends: acm acm4 alsaplayer-nas amor atlantik audiooss
bibletime camstream celestia-kde compizconfig-backend-kconfig (227
more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 51668

nn (#470187), requested 347 days ago
Description: Heavy-duty USENET news reader (curses-based client)
Installations reported by Popcon: 120

openldap (#512360), requested 31 days ago
Description: OpenLDAP server, libraries, and utilities
Reverse Depends: adtool alpine am-utils aolserver4-nsldap
asterisk-h323 asterisk-oh323 audispd-plugins autofs-ldap
autofs5-ldap balsa (169 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 31992

openoffice.org (#419523), requested 675 days ago
Description: OpenOffice.org Office suite
Reverse Depends: brdesktop-common brdesktop-gnome broffice.org
cli-uno-bridge docvert-openoffice.org libuno-cli-cppuhelper1.0-cil
libuno-cli-oootypes1.0-cil libuno-cli-ure1.0-cil
libuno-cli-uretypes1.0-cil mozilla-openoffice.org (100 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 45815

openscenegraph (#392266), requested 863 days ago
Description: 3d scenegraph
Reverse Depends: libopenscenegraph-dev libopenscenegraph7
libopenthreads-dev libosgal1 openscenegraph osgcal
Installations reported by Popcon: 165

openssl (#332498), requested 1232 days ago
Description: Secure Socket Layer (SSL) binary and related
cryptographic tools
Reverse Depends: 3270-common afbackup afbackup-client aircrack-ng
alpine anon-proxy aolserver4-nsimap aolserver4-nsopenssl
apache2-prefork-dev apache2-threaded-dev (589 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 81926

resolvconf (#477723), requested 301 days ago
Description: name server information handler
Reverse Depends: debian-edu-config
Installations reported by Popcon: 8154

rt2400 (#411791), requested 730 days ago
Description: RT2400 wireless network drivers
Installations reported by Popcon: 145

rt2570 (#411790), requested 730 days ago
Description: RT2570 wireless network drivers
Installations reported by Popcon: 226

rus-ispell (#391104), requested 869 days ago
Description: Russian dictionary for Aspell/Ispell/MySpell
Installations reported by Popcon: 1852

sepolgen (#483641), requested 266 days ago
Description: A Python module used in SELinux policy generation
Reverse Depends: policycoreutils
Installations reported by Popcon: 18201

sgml-data (#358521), requested 1065 days ago
Description: common SGML and XML data
Reverse Depends: debiandoc-sgml debiandoc2dbxml docbook
docbook-simple docbook-xml epiphany-extensions linuxdoc-tools psgml
stardict-common w3c-dtd-xhtml (3 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 48902

smlnj (#428273), requested 620 days ago
Description: Standard ML of New Jersey interactive compiler
Reverse Depends: libckit-smlnj libcml-smlnj libcmlutil-smlnj
libexene-smlnj libmlnlffi-smlnj libmlrisctools-smlnj
libpgraphutil-smlnj libsmlnj-smlnj ml-burg ml-lex (5 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 103

spamassassin (#469124), requested 353 days ago
Description: Perl-based spam filter using text analysis
Reverse Depends: claws-mail-spamassassin dtc-common fuzzyocr
mailscanner sa-exim sa-learn-cyrus spamass-milter spampd
Installations reported by Popcon: 12627

sql-ledger (#472709), requested 331 days ago
Description: A web based double-entry accounting program
Installations reported by Popcon: 99

stlport4.6 (#263052), requested 1662 days ago
Description: STLport C++ class library
Reverse Depends: libstlport4.6-dev openoffice.org-base
openoffice.org-base-core openoffice.org-calc openoffice.org-core
openoffice.org-dev openoffice.org-draw openoffice.org-evolution
openoffice.org-filter-binfilter openoffice.org-gnome (14 more
Installations reported by Popcon: 25508

svn-buildpackage (#377467), requested 956 days ago
Description: helper programs to maintain Debian packages with
Reverse Depends: svn-autoreleasedeb
Installations reported by Popcon: 1378

torrus (#433223), requested 585 days ago
Description: Universal front-end for Round-Robin Databases
Reverse Depends: torrus-apache torrus-apache2
Installations reported by Popcon: 25

unicorn (#345547), requested 1145 days ago (non-free)
Description: comaintainer with x86 hardware searched.
Installations reported by Popcon: 61

update-inetd (#472470), requested 332 days ago
Description: inetd.conf updater
Reverse Depends: amanda-common bootp cfingerd cups-bsd cvs ebhttpd
ebnetd ebnetd-common efingerd fam (32 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 81491

wine (#479659), requested 290 days ago
Description: Windows API implementation
Reverse Depends: libwine-alsa libwine-capi libwine-cms libwine-dbg
libwine-dev libwine-esd libwine-gl libwine-gphoto2 libwine-jack
libwine-ldap (10 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 13182

wxwidgets2.8 (#463807), requested 382 days ago
Description: help for wxwidgets2.8 is appreciated
Reverse Depends: amaya amule amule-daemon amule-utils
amule-utils-gui audacity bittornado-gui crystalspace drpython
esteidutil (37 more omitted)
Installations reported by Popcon: 8752

See http://www.debian.org/devel/wnpp/help_requested for more information.

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