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David Spreen 02-17-2009 03:50 PM

Bug#515785: ITP: bitlbee-skype -- Skype plugin for BitlBee
Package: wnpp
Owner: David Spreen <>
Severity: wishlist

* Package name : bitlbee-skype
Version : 0.7.1
Upstream Author : Miklos Vajna <>
* URL or Web page :
* License : GPL v2 or later
Description : Skype plugin for BitlBee
Category : contrib

I intend to package bitlbee-skype, a plugin for the bitlbee IRC2IM gateway.
Since the plugin requires the non-free skype client to run, I will upload it
to contrib. It also depends on skype4py, which we need to get into unstable/contrib
first but an ITP has been filed for that and efforts are underway to maintain
it within the DPMT.

The package will be divided into two binary packages, bitlbee-plugin-skype and
skyped. Skyped is the daemon that facilitates the communication with the skype
client and can run on a different machine than bitlbee. The plugin and skyped's
communication are encrypted.

Best Wishes,

David Spreen

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