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Jurij Smakov 11-29-2008 06:50 PM

Please help solve #504721
Bcc: debian-devel


We have recently recognized that serial console detection in the
installer is not working as expected, which resulted in RC bug If you have access to a machine through
serial console, please provide debugging information which can help
with resolving this bug. The following information would be very

1. Basic information about the serial console setup (whether
machine is completely headless, etc.) and contents of
2. Output of 'grep -i console /var/log/dmesg' (or 'dmesg | grep -i
console' if you booted recently and boot messages have not been purged
from dmesg buffer yet).
3. If you have a chance of booting the installer on the machine,
output of 'dmesg | grep -i console' from the installer shell both
without and with the 'console=<your_serial_console_device>'
(for example, 'console=ttyS0') specified on the command line. Does
adding the option result in any changed in installer appearance?

Jurij Smakov
Key: KeyID: C99E03CC

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