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markus schnalke 05-19-2012 05:17 PM

Don't create /run/udev manually for crux-2.7.1!

I've done a fresh version 2.7.1 installation yesterday. I've
remembered the mail about the CONFIG_DEVTMPFS{,_MOUNT} options, so
this went well. Unfortunately, as I received the

/run/udev not writeable. Falling back to /etc/.udev.

warning, I did create this directory -- no good idea.

Hazel Russman provided the solution on -- thanks.

Another point. If you put these flags in your kernel you
will get an error message next time you boot: /run/udev not
writable. Falling back to /dev/.udev. This doesn't do any
harm. Don't, whatever you do, create a /run/udev because those
who have done it lost control of their input devices. I think
this gets cleared up when you upgrade udev.

I write to this list because I haven't seen it mentioned here but
consider it worthwhile.

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