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Mike VanRoy 11-02-2008 07:01 AM

A case for httpup
Fredrik Rinnestam wrote:

Due to boredom I had a look in my http-logs and noticed to my surprise I
had couple of 404's for my old httpup "REPO" file. I switched to rsync a
couple of weeks ago and since I didn't think anybody used any of my ports
I failed to inform any of you. Sorry about that :). Replace
"fredrik.httpup" with this file:

I am seeing more contributers switching over to rsync, but httpup has
some advantages for the user:

1 - Maintaining a local "clc" ports system is (IMO) much simpler with
2 - The repository page at doesn't show details of indivual
ports, etc. with rsync repos.
3 - Some of us are behind fascist firewalls and can't get to the rsync
repo at all (not even with ssh).


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