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Dave Anderson 08-17-2012 06:54 PM

crash version 6.0.9 is available
Download from


- Fix for building on host machines that have glibc-2.15.90 installed,
in which case the glibc header file /usr/include/bits/siginfo.h no
longer declares a "struct siginfo", but only the "siginfo_t" typedef.
Without the patch, the build of the embedded gdb module fails with
the error message "linux-nat.h:63:18: error: field 'siginfo' has
incomplete type".

- Add support for reading compressed kdump dumpfiles that were
compressed by the snappy compressor. This feature is disabled by
default. To enable this feature, build the crash utility in the
following manner:
(1) Install the snappy libraries by using the host system's package
manager or by directly downloading libraries from author's
website. The packages required are:
- snappy
- snappy-devel
The author's website is:
(2) Create a CFLAGS.extra file and an LDFLAGS.extra file in top-level
crash sources directory:
- enter -DSNAPPY in the CFLAGS.extra file
- enter -lsnappy in the LDFLAGS.extra file.
(3) Build crash with "make" as always.

- Prevent the "ptov" command from returning an invalid virtual address
on 32-bit architectures. Without the patch, the command may result
in an invalid virtual address if the physical address entered cannot
be accessed by a unity-mapped kernel virtual address. The patch
verifies that the calculated virtual address can be translated back
into the supplied physical address.

- Fix to automatically try /proc/kcore as an alternative live memory
source when the /dev/crash driver does not exist and /dev/mem is
unusable because the kernel was configured with CONFIG_STRICT_DEVMEM.
Without the patch, the automatic switch from /dev/mem to /proc/kcore
is only attempted on the X86 and X86_64 architectures.

- Added missing linefeeds to several error messages in makedumpfile.c.

- Fix for a regression introduced by a crash-5.1.1 patch that reworked
the handling of "set" commands that are put in .crashrc files, such
that only certain command options would get resolved before the crash
session is initialized. Without this patch, the "--less", "--more",
"--no_scroll" and "--CRASHPAGER" crash command line options do not
properly override conflicting "set scroll <option>" entries that
are put in a .crashrc file.

- Added new "--hex" and "--dec" crash command line options, which will
set the command output format to hexadecimal or decimal. These two
command line options will override any "set radix [10|16]" settings
in a .crashrc file; since decimal is the default, the "--dec" option
would only be necessary to override a "set radix 16" setting in a
.crashrc file.

- Fix for the "runq" and "timer" commands when running against 2.6.34
and later kernels that are not configured with CONFIG_SMP. Without
the patch, the "runq" command fails with the error message "runq:
per-cpu runqueues does not exist", and the "timer" command fails
with the error message "timer: zero-size memory allocation! (called
from <address>)".

- If is not available from the host build machine, then
"make extensions" will be delayed by a 10 minute timeout of the
"git clone" command that downloads the EPPIC library and extension
module source tree. The patch pings first in order
to determine its availability before attempting the download.

- For kernel versions 3.5 and later, in which the kernel log buffer has
been converted from a byte-buffer to a variable-length record buffer,
the "log -m" option will display the level in hexadecimal, and
depending upon the kernel version, the value also contains either the
facility or flags bits.

- Fix for accessing the per-cpu registers from ARM vmcores generated
by recent kernels in which the per-cpu data region has been moved
into mapped kernel virtual address space. Without the patch, an
incorrect physical address is calculated, resulting in bogus register

- Check that an s390x dumpfile is a "live dump" earlier during session
initialization so that the internal LIVE_DUMP flag will get set when
"crash --minimal" is invoked.

- Removed the usage of C++ keywords in structure and structure member
names declared in "defs.h" so that extension modules written in C++
will compile successfully. Accordingly, the "struct namespace" is
renamed to "struct symbol_namespace", the struct symbol_table_data's
"namespace" member is renamed to "kernel_namespace", and the struct
gnu_request's "typename" member is renamed to "type_name".

- Fix for the date displayed by the initial system banner and by the
"sys" command for Linux version 3.6 and later. Without the patch,
the date displayed will be that of the UNIX epoch, i.e., midnight,
Jan 1, 1970 UTC, adjusted to local time.

- When the extension module is built by "make extensions", the
EPPIC source tree is downloaded from its upstream source repository
at However, if an EPPIC_GIT_URL
environment variable is defined, then the URL that it points to will
be used as an alternative git source repository.

- Fix for a segmentation violation generated by the "struct" command
when printing a structure member using the "struct_name.member"
argument format, where the member is a "char *" that points to a
string that contains a "%" character.

- Patchset to support the most recent Xen hypervisor and Xen pvops
(1) Always calculate max_cpus value
(2) Read only crash notes for onlined CPUs
(3) Read variables from dynamically allocated per_cpu data
(4) Get idle data from alternative source
(5) Read data correctly from dynamically allocated console ring
(6) Add support for 3 level P2M tree

- Fix for building a 32-bit extension module after having
built crash with "make target=ARM" or "make target=X86" on an x86_64
host. Without the patch, the extension module would be
built as a 64-bit binary.

- For the ARM architecture, fix the determination of the kernel modules
base address when modules are not installed, and update the "mach"
command to display the "KERNEL MODULES BASE" address.

- Fix for the "kmem -[sS]" commands for Linux version 3.6 and later
kernels configured with CONFIG_SLUB. Without the patch, the commands
fail with the error message "kmem: invalid structure member offset:

- Fix for an invocation failure when running against Linux version 3.6
and later kernels that are configured with CONFIG_SLAB. Without the
patch, the crash session fails during initialization with the error
message "crash: invalid structure member offset: kmem_cache_s_next".

- Fix for the "kmem -[sS]" commands on kernels that are configured with
CONFIG_SLUB to prevent a silent hang if a per-node slab cache partial
list recurses back onto itself. Without the patch, it was necessary
to kill the command; with the patch an error message is displayed and
the command continues on to the next kmem slab cache.

- Fix for the "kmem -[sS]" and "kmem -s list" options on dumpfiles from
kernels that are configured with CONFIG_SLUB which have been filtered
by the makedumpfile facility. Without the patch, it is possible that
those commands may generate the error message "kmem: page excluded:
kernel virtual address: <address> type: kmem_cache buffer", and
would require either the "--zero_excluded" command line option or
having to execute "set zero_excluded on" during runtime in order to
complete successfully.

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